A beautiful image contains in itself an inexplicable force, it has the capacity to catch the attention of the one who observes it, and to concentrate on itself for brief moments, or even to be etched in the retina forever. The beauty of this force is the ability to awaken our imagination and create sensations, to the point that we can almost taste it.

And because the eyes also eat, gastronomic photography, coupled with a quality graphic design, manages to go even further; it combines in itself a whole diversity of senses. In Gula visual we are aware of this reality, and by the natural richness of the motifs we portray, we succeed in making the best of each one of them, underlining their colors, shapes, textures and contrasts, almost making their aromas and flavors feel , in an invigorating sensory activation, creating images, which are so seductive that give a desire to eat

Miguel Correia
Miguel CorreiaCo-fundador/ Design/ Brand Consulting | Gula Visual- Creative Studio



In our space we have all the necessary means for the preservation,preparation and confection of the foods we photograph,so that it is possible to preserve all the physical characteristics that define the portrayed motives.


The attention to detail is fundamental in our creative and technical process, only in this way we can live up to the standards of quality that we propose and to which we already acostumed our customers.

Photographic studio

We have at your disposal in our photographic studios a controlled environment and with the best equipment to obtain the most appealing and tasty images, in order to live up to the quality of your product. Our archive of support materials and frameworks allow us to create a multitude of surround solutions and thematic environments.


Our services

Food Photography

We offer specialized services of gastronomic photography and product photography, in a controlled environment and specific technological resources to obtain the best results and perfect photography to represent your product.

Food Videography

We provide specialized video services for the food business, institutional videos and infographic videos, we specialize in services for the HORECA channel and Premium channels.

Graphic Design

We have vast creative resources and a long experience in the field of communication design and visual arts, we put at your disposal all the necessary means to make your product more appealing to the public and with a coherent and planned communication.

Editorial Design

Our full range of services includes pagination and editorial for specialty publications, such as magazines and books dedicated to beverages and gastronomy, specialized or author.

Packaging Design

We create the most appropriate packaging and labeling solutions to better present your product and make you more competitive in seeking recognition for competitors and influencing the purchase decision.

National Coverage

We have logistic facilities and special envoys to cover at any point in the national territory.


We do not have printing processes, but we guarantee the routing and monitoring of the products we designed for the best professionals, with whom we have specialized partnerships to guarantee a high quality final product.


Together with our customers, we have developed the most appropriate market strategy for your particular product or service, with the ultimate goal of increasing sales and brand awareness.


“Talent wins games, but only teamwork wins championships.” – Michael Jordan

Tomé Rodrigues

Tomé Rodrigues

Marketing /Strategy
Miguel Correia

Miguel Correia

Design/ Brand Consulting

The words that fill us with pride:

It will be cliché to say that “a picture is worth a thousand words”, or that “the eyes also eat”, but this case is quite literal. Congratulations to all the Team of the Glutton Visual, for the excellent work. They have developed a succinct, readable, appealing and straightforward logo, as well as all the imagery. As the photographs are exceptional, leaving the most sought after products, the brands and the gastronomy as a whole. They live up to the name! Your work left me with water in my mouth.

Isabel Nunes
Isabel Nunesfounder of the project - Chavão AzoresChavão Azores

Congratulations on your work. I was super satisfied. The voices of the people say that the eyes are the mirror of the soul, I say that the result is the mirror of the effort, affection and dedication that you tattoo in what you do. I will strongly recommend Visual Glutton to half of the world because I am sure that, like me, all your clients will be as happy as I am. There is a lot of talent out there, do not stop!

Thank you for the proximity, thank you for being so perfectionists and thank you for translating so well what is my home. Congratulations!

Joana Teixeira dos Santos
Joana Teixeira dos Santosowner- A Mulata A Mulata

Excellent company in this area. Quite appealing, professional, promising and able to take the desired end result further. Always surprising. Services and results at the highest level. Thank you and very successful votes.

Tiago Rodrigues
Tiago RodriguesCompany Manager - DusQueijos


At Gula Visual we count on the very important contribution of a group of companies that make their products available for the realization and assembly of our sets or photographic sessions and, which help us to obtain the best results at the level of the framework, to which we thank you for that fundamental help.

We also have established partnerships with printing specialists to better continue the work we have designed.Providing the observer / consumer with an approximation to the true roots of the product.


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